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Barroom eyes shine vacancy

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This journal is primarily friends-only, so I'm only almost as boring as I look to the outside world.

May 2nd, 2008

10:11 am - Monica Hesse said it well
"...ultimately Palfrey's death isn't only about feminism or the justice of her sentence or the hypnotic circus of it all. It is also about one woman alone in the shed next to her 76-year-old mother's trailer, deciding that the future seemed too much to bear.

Stripped of meaning and analysis and cultural contexts, it's very, very sad."

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February 14th, 2008

06:56 am
ha, wow! i'm not used to such positive, presidential things following the phrase "you know women..."

"You know women — when they say something is going to happen, it's going to happen."


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February 2nd, 2008

12:40 pm - France's Sarkozy marries Bruni at the Elysee
i'm as captivated by this story as i can be with anything celebrity-related. which isn't very much, but still. i watched juno and was like "whatever, they're just gonna break up." then i see this story, and i'm like "awwwww, how cute!!" i think the difference resides in the fact that there's really no innocence or naivety in the sarkozy/bruni story. juno and her bf don't know what they're in for. they're young enough to think love is enough. they're young enough to think that because their teenage relationship is "boss," that it'll last. which it won't. so the ending of the movie felt a little hopeless and sad to me. but bruni and sarkosy have been around their respective blocks a few times, apparently have some ill-matched behavior patterns, and they're just like "fuck it. who knows if we're a good match, and maybe this is just some kind of rebound, but i love you, so let's just go for it, come what may." that seems more romantic to me. i like it.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy married supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni at the Elysee Palace on Saturday, just three months after they started dating, French officials and family said.Collapse )

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January 30th, 2008

01:59 pm - way cool
got this from my boss.


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January 22nd, 2008

05:12 pm - whoah
heath ledger died at 28. creepy.

what might be even creepier is that it was all over the news only 1.5 hours after his remains were discovered. very weird times, ours are.

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January 9th, 2008

10:53 pm - 'Subprime' Is Linguists' Word of Year



American Dialect Society Chooses `subprime' As Word of the Year Over `Facebook,' `green'
The Associated Press

Even the American Dialect Society knows how risky home mortgages are these days. The group of wordsmiths chose "subprime" as 2007's Word of the Year at its annual convention Friday.

"`Subprime' has been around with bankers for awhile, but now everyone is talking about `subprime,'" said Wayne Glowka, a spokesman for the group and a dean at Reinhardt College in Waleska, Ga. "It's affecting all kinds of people in all kinds of places."

About 80 members of the organization spent two days debating the merits of runners-up "Facebook," "green," "Googleganger" and "waterboarding" before voting for an adjective that means "a risky or less than ideal loan, mortgage or investment."

The choice signifies the public's concern for a "deepening mortgage crisis," the society said in a statement.

"Facebook," as a noun, verb or adjective, was popular with younger linguists, Glowka said.

Several people lobbied for "green," which "designates environmental concern," but the term has been around for years, he said. The word topped the 2007 "Most Useful" category, one of numerous subgroups the society choses.

The group also decided that although "waterboarding," an interrogation technique that simulates drowning, gained a lot of attention during recent attorney general confirmation hearings, it was a bigger deal in 2004, Glowka said.

But what's a "Googleganger?"

A play on "doppelganger," the word is "a person with your name who shows up when you Google yourself," according to the society.

Glowka said he assessed many Google-related words.

"Just Google `Google' and you'll turn them up," he said. The ghostly double of a word won the 2007 "Most Creative" designation.

As for "subprime," Glowka said it is an odd word at least as far as linguists are concerned.

The prefix "sub" translates roughly to "below the standard," while "prime" means something close to "the best."

So, according to Glowka, the word really means "far below the best."

"People were saying that students were referring to their tests, `I'm going to subprime this; I'm going to mess it up,'" he said.

The American Dialect Society, founded in 1889, comprises linguists, grammarians, historians and scholars, among others. The society began choosing words of the year in 1990 for fun, not in an official capacity to induct words into the English language.

In 2006, the organization chose "plutoed," which means "to be demoted or devalued."

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December 28th, 2007

01:11 pm
today i have to go to the trash bag store and the cloth store and the sewing machine store and the tissues with lotion in them store and the humidifier store.

but i'm sick and don't feel like doing anything. bleh.

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December 25th, 2007

10:17 am - LOOK WHAT I FOUND
a stuffing receipe that includes wood chunks!


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December 24th, 2007

03:27 pm - merry xmas eve

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December 23rd, 2007

07:02 pm - blah de blah.
i hafta go xmas shopping now. how much does that suck? i'll let you know exactly how much when i get back. from the mall. on dec 23. yikes.

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